The Seignalet Diet PLUS  (pronounce it "Saynyalay")


Reasons why you might not want to buy the book and why I think you should (1)

Click on each “Reason” block that you want answered. If you have a reason that is not covered here, email me at nutrition the third medicine @ gmail . com and I promise I will put up a new page with the answer.

1. The Kindle edition at $9.99 or £9.99 is too expensive for a book with only two (5 star) reviews.

2. “It's the same old, same old”

3. Why should I make big changes to my diet? (a) It's too much upheaval and anyways, drugs will keep my condition under control. (b) Also, what about my family? I can't impose a restricted diet on them or make one meal for myself and another for my family. It's too impractical.

4. I already follow the paleo diet. Isn't that the same as the Seignalet diet? So why should I bother to buy a book which is just going to tell me stuff I already know?

5. OK. So the diet has merit. But Dr. Seignalet died in 2003. This stuff must be old hat. There must have been advances in knowledge since then surely?

6. If it really worked like you say then my doctor would know about it and would be using it to treat me.

7. How do I know that this Dr. Jean Seignalet was not a charlatan, a quack, and that is is not a load of hype? A scam? He could have made up all his results or greatly exaggerated them.

8. I don't want to change my diet because:
a) I am a gourmet home cook and foodie
b) I don't know how to cook
c) I enjoy eating junk food (oh dear!)

9. I follow a food combining or macrobiotic or Weston-Price or Warrior or (fill in here) diet and I have no intention of changing to the Seignalet diet.

10. Why should I buy this book? There is already enough information on the web to allow me to follow the diet and you have given away a lot here. audience click here audience click here

10 Reasons you might not want to buy this book and why I think you should

1. The Kindle edition at $9,99 or £9,99 is too expensive for a book with only two (5 star) reviews.

I agree. There are only two reviews so far (as of 22nd June 2015) because the book has only just been translated and published and the very quality of the Seignalet system to reverse disease means that you are unlikely ever to hear about it in the media because it is a direct challenge to the current drug based medical orthodoxy and we have very limited channels we can use to get the news out there.

(To see why we have limited channels), click here

For this reason we are relying for the moment on search engine paid for ads. With our first trial adwords campaign, with the book set at the lowest possible price, the number of click-throughs to our landing page was very satisfactory but cost the Seignalets more than the resultant sales of the books! The Seignalet family are not rich and cannot afford to make losses to promote the book. So with our second trial we put the price up to the maximum. The number of click-throughs was again very satisfactory but there were no resultant sales!

Hence this page which aims to persuade you that you must buy the book even at this (relatively) high price. Two things you should know : a) If you don't like the Kindle book for whatever reason, you can get a refund within 14 days. It's very easy, and automatic.

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