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Dr. Jean Seignalet

Dr. Jean Seignalet, (photo taken at the beginning of his diet trials)

Here are Dr. Seignalet's "disease tables" showing the success rate for each of 91 diseases

Table 1. Autoimmune diseases (35)

Table 2. "Clogging diseases" (29)
....Osteoarthritis, Diabetes 2, Migraines, Overweight, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Depression..........etc.etc.etc.

Table 3. "Elimination diseases" (24)
.............Colitis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, Hay Fever, Mouth Ulcers, Asthma, Eczema, Acne.....etc. etc. etc.

Table 4. "Complex diseases" (2)
SAPHO syndrome, Behçet's

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Dr. Jean Seignalet (Pronounce it “Shon Saynyalay”) was a French professor of medicine who devised and trialled a “hypotoxic” diet with 2,565 patients with 115 different, so called “incurable” diseases over a period of twenty years. 91 of the diseases responded to treatment with the diet and there were 1,631 complete remissions. 2,300 patients improved. The diet was not originally intended to be for weight loss but this was found to be one of the many beneficial side-effects, including increased mental alertness and poise, lowering of cholesterol and many other good things including avoidance of heart attack and stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's!

Results of the diet in Autism

Excerpt from Dr. Seignalet's chapter on autism translated my myself: My practice with autism is limited to just one child whose condition was greatly improved. Fortunately, one of my colleagues, Dr. Eric Menat applied my nutritional method with 19 young people with autism, divided into 15 with a definite diagnosis and 4 who were probably autistic. A study of the first 12 has been published (Menat 2001). 14 of the patients improved, sometimes in a “miraculous” fashion on the hypotoxic diet. In the 5 others the improvements were only slight and these cases have to be considered as failures.

In those who respond to the diet, the benefits are almost always seen very quickly, before the end of the first month even in those with a long standing condition.

(Chris's Note: Dr. Menat's article was published in the journal of the International Kousmine Association which is now defunct. I have a copy. I'm currently trying to contact Dr. Menat to get his permission to translate it and post it on this page. Dr. Menat (who has a nutrition oriented practice near Toulouse) thought that autism might be an autoimmune disease. Dr. Seignalet disagreed and thought it was a “clogging” pathology. See below.)

Here is a short summary of Dr. Seignalet's two page section on autism. Dr. Seignalet starts by giving the diagnostic criteria for autism. He notes that diagnosis is not always straightforward and it's necessary to distinguish between definite or probable autistic behaviour disorders and non autistic behaviour disorders. The severity of the disease varies between severe forms and less severe forms. Autism is often associated with another pathology which can be hereditary or acquired.

Increase in Autism

Seignalet cites Stokstad ((2001) who states that the number of autistic children in the US increased 5.56 times between 1991 and 1997. Therefore, says Seignalet, the rapid increase cannot be due to hereditary factors and must be due to some environmental factor.

The small intestine and autism

Seignalet cites 3 published authors.

  1. Wakefield et al 1995 who found nodular lymphoid hyperplasia and/or ulceration in the ileum (final part of the small intestine) 1998 article in the Lancet retracted in 2010 and Wakefield struck off by GMC in 2010 (so both were post Dr. Seignalet's demise in 2002.)
  2. D'Eufemia et al 1996 who found leaky gut in 9 children out of 21. (43%) and none in 40 controls. article here
  3. Horvath et al 1999 who found a range of unrecognised gastro-intestinal disorders in pretty well all of 36 autistic children examined. Article here

It's long been known, says Seignalet that excluding wheat and milk from the diet improves autism without it ever occurring to any doctor to use a dietary treatment for autism. An abnormally high level of peptides of food origin was found in the urine of autistic patients according to the paper cited by Seignalet: Reichelt et al 1997, confirming, says Seignalet, the hypothesis of potentially dangerous molecules entering the bloodstream through a leaky gut.

(Get this! I can't find the 1997 article by Reichelt but I did find a paper from 2006 to which he contributed with this conclusion: “No significant differences in urine peptide values were found between the autism spectrum disorders group and the controls.” What is going on here? Is Reichelt feeling the heat, seeing how the medical establishment destroyed the career of Andrew Wakefield?

Other environmental factors

Seignalet thinks that the study by Madsen et al in Denmark, published in 2002, where 440,655 vaccinated children were compared to 96,648 non-vaccinated children “destroys the accusation” (“a anéanti cette accusation”) by Wakefield and colleagues that MMR vaccination is incriminated in autism. and concludes: “This study provides strong evidence against the hypothesis that MMR vaccination causes autism” (article here)

Pathogenesis of autism

Seignalet considers 3 different hypotheses regarding the pathogenesis (cause).

A. A study by Lucarellie et al 1995 here with this conclusion: “..Our results lead us to hypothesise a relationship between food allergy and infantile autism as has already been suggested for other disturbances of the central nervous system.” But, says Seignalet, there are no symptoms of this rare form of allergy. (Chris's note: What does Seignalet mean exactly here? The authors found high levels of antibodies to milk components in the autistic individuals. So there must be at least a sensitivity. Surely autism is a pretty clear symptom? Or does Seignalet mean there is no other kind of allergic symptom? No free passes from Chris Parkinson, even for Seignalet.)

B. Dr. Eric Menat's hypothesis of autoimmunity (already mentioned). Seignalet thinks that this is unlikely because a) there is no distinct evidence of a link between HLA-DR and autism. (Seignalet was a leading expert on Human Leukocyte Antigens wikipedia article on HLA )no antibodies have been found. (Again, what about Lucarelli et al who found milk antibodies?) The incidence of autoimmune diseases in general has shown little variation in Western countries during the last hundred years says Seignalet but there has been a massive increase in the incidence of autism. However, says Seignalet, Menat found a possible association between HLA-DQ2 which should be looked for in a larger sample of patients. Seignalet comes back to this point in his conclusion. No great increase in auto-immune disorders in the last 50 years, great increase in autism and similar great increase in what Seignalet calls “clogging pathologies” such as diabetes 2, artherosclerosis and some cancers.

C. Seignalet again cites this mysterious paper by Reichelt (1997) which seems to have disappeared from the pubmed database. This time, Seignalet cites Reichelt's hypothesis of opioid peptides of food origin affecting the brain. But, says Seignalet, child development disorders do not bear any resemblance to opioid intoxication.

Dr. Seignalet's conclusion

Seignalet suspects that pesticides in food and large doses of antibiotics freely given to children nowadays are the cause. (My bold emphasis.) These products damage the intestinal mucous and can increase permeabiltiy. By far the most likely mechanism, he says, is a clogging of certain brain cells, particularly neurons and astrocytes (astrocytes regulate the transmission of electrical impulses within the brain) by a build up of intra and extra cellular wastes.

Chris's note

I'm currently reading “Callous Disregard” by Andrew Wakefield, a point by point rebuttal of the charges made against him during his lynching by the media and his own profession. As Wakefield explains, the paper written by himself and his colleagues was a series of case studies. 12 children all appeared to share similar symptoms which developed after the MMR vaccination. In my (Chris Parkinson's) unqualified opinion, I think that the MMR vaccination may well trigger autism in certain children but may not account for all cases or it may be a co-factor, together with pesticides and indiscriminate prescription of antibiotics.

If Seignalet is correct in his assertions that a) antibiotics damage the intestinal wall and cause leaky gut and b) a whole plethora of pathologies, including autism then ensue, the amount of antibiotics given to children with middle ear infections is truly frightening, especially as 1. They are not effective and just make middle ear infection more likely and frequent and 2. There are much better, natural ways to treat middle ear infections. (Chris Parkinson's Unqualified, layman's opinion

Don't come to regret in a few years time that you did not pay proper attention to this page!

Is this information trustworthy? Well you can purchase this book written by Dr. Seignalet's daughters, one of whom is a medical doctor and judge for yourself, or you can carry on reading this site, there is lots of good stuff on here and it's free. If you are not quite ready to buy the book, don't shut this page down yet because this is your one big chance. Keep reading. Don't dismiss this as hype, only to find out years later that others did it and it does work and you've endured years of needless suffering for nothing. Or if you do close the page down, bookmark it first and then come back to it later when you have time to read the site at leisure, properly.

This new book by Dr. Seignalet's daughters, one of whom is a doctor, is called: “How to prevent reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet's diet miracle.”

Its a short guide to Dr. Seignalet's 700 pageScientific and Medical textbook called “Nutrition, the third medicine” (L'Alimentation ou la troisieme medecine), currently in course of translation. Don't be fooled by the modest title by the way, Seignalet proved that nutrition is the first medicine.

If you are now ready to buy the book, don't let me hold you back, click on these links or on the book images in the side panel. If you are not yet quite ready, carry on reading.

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For smartphone users, here are Dr. Seignalet's results tables for the 91 diseases he treated successfully with the diet (for desktop/laptop user, see links in the right hand side panel:

Tables show the rate of success for each disease with 100% remissions, 80/90% improvements 50% improvements, failures and percentage success rate (50% improvements are counted as successes). Each table shows all the diseases in Dr. Seignalet's 4 types of disease classification, "Autoimmune, Clogging, Elimination, Complex

Table 1. Autoimmune diseases (35)

Table 2. "Clogging diseases" (29)
....Osteoarthritis, Diabetes 2, Migraines, Overweight, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Depression..........etc.etc.etc.</br>

Table 3. "Elimination diseases" (24)
.............Colitis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, Hay Fever, Mouth Ulcers, Asthma, Eczema, Acne.....etc. etc. etc.</br>

Table 4. "Complex diseases" (2)
SAPHO syndrome, Behçet's</br>

Is it easy? No. But it's not that difficult either!

 We don't want to brainwash you with clever advertising or subliminal messages. We hope you will use all your critical faculties. You will need them because we can give you the tools but you will have to do this by yourself. We are not going to pretend that it's easy but it is probably a lot easier than you think and we promise you that the rewards will make the effort worthwhile. If you are motivated, we promise you can do it. We know from 20 years experience in France that you may start to see results straight away or it may take a little time. Many thousands of French men and women have already seen those results but we cannot do it for you.

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Alphabetical list of 91 diseases treated successfully by Dr. Seignalet with his diet


Welcome to this website all about the Seignalet (pronounced “Saynyalay”) diet to reverse and prevent chronic disease. Many of the patients in Dr. Seignalet's diet trials achieved phenomenal success in overcoming a huge range of so called “incurable” diseases and the success and popularity of the diet in France is due to these recovered patients and their doctors who spread the word. Dr. Seignalet wrote a 700 page scientific treatise to explain how and why the diet works. He worked out a complete pathogenesis (cause) for most of the 91 diseases which responded to the diet. This book is in course of translation from the French. In the meantime, a guide to Dr. Seignalet's book has been written by his daughters, one of whom is a doctor (Dr. Seignalet died in 2003). It explains the science in easy to understand terms and gets into the nitty gritty of why it works, again, in layman's language. It also gives you the full low down on how to follow the diet, with recipe and menu suggestions.

You can buy the book either in paperback or in Kindle version on amazon. If you buy the Kindle version and for any reason you are disappointed with the book's contents (we don't think you will be), you can return the book to amazon and get a full refund. The book will give you the tools you need for a recovery, hopefully a full recovery. Up to you to use them. We can't do if for you. You will find recipes and menu suggestions in the book and also in the forum on this site.

Dr. Seignalet's daughters and the French doctors, medical professors and recovered patients in the Jean Seignalet Association wish for one thing above all: for you to get well and to stay well so you can join this ever growing army of people who are free of disease.

You can buy the book called “How to prevent and reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet's diet miracle” written by Anne and Dr. Dominique Seignalet on amazon.

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