The Seignalet Diet PLUS  (pronounce it "Saynyalay")


Dr. Jean Seignalet

Dr. Jean Seignalet, (photo taken at the beginning of his diet trials)

Here are Dr. Seignalet's "disease tables" showing the success rate for each of 91 diseases

Table 1. Autoimmune diseases (35)

Table 2. "Clogging diseases" (29)
....Osteoarthritis, Diabetes 2, Migraines, Overweight, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Depression..........etc.etc.etc.

Table 3. "Elimination diseases" (24)
.............Colitis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, Hay Fever, Mouth Ulcers, Asthma, Eczema, Acne.....etc. etc. etc.

Table 4. "Complex diseases" (2)
SAPHO syndrome, Behçet's

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Why buy the book?

Why should you buy a Kindle book which is on sale for the maximum Kindle price and which has only 2 (5 star) reviews?

Hi, my name is Chris Parkinson and I am the translator of the book and also the unpaid, volonteer production manager and publicist for the book. I am a health nut and buy many Kindle books, especially if they only cost the minimum price of around 3 dollars or two pounds. I rarely buy a book at the maximum Kindle price unless it has masses of 5 star reviews or I am already sure of the content.

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b) If you are not getting the results you hoped for by following the diet, email me at and I will translate and submit your question to Dr. Dominique Seignalet, the daugher of Dr. Jean Seignalet who is a qualified doctor who specialises in treating patients with the Seignalet diet. (She cannot give medical advice – only your own practioner who is able to examine you can do this.)

So why am I trying to persuade you to buy this book ? (Further on, I will tell you why we have had to put the Kindle price at the maximum price points allowed by Amazon).

I received a flat fee for the translation and I do not get any royalties from the book. So why am I trying to persuade you to buy it ?

Simply because in a world where large corporations, governments and self serving bureaucracies and pretty much everyone else it would seem, even charities, use PR, advertising and spin to brainwash us into believing that black is white and vice versa, where nothing is what it seems, where, according to the tv ads, only by buying the right make of car can we hope to gain the respect and love of wife and family, here is something honest and true, with no moral ambiguities or down sides.

Here there is no hidden agenda, no way of using you or making money out of you (apart from the one off price of a book) no subliminal messages – no brainwashing. Buy the book, understand what has caused your disease, follow the diet, put your disease into remission, restore your vitality and get on with your life. Something I can be proud of being a part of. As a dedicated health nut and amateur researcher into natural remedies I know that there are other natural therapies which in my opinion also work much better than drugs for chronic illnesses. For example : therapeutic fasting, juicing (aka hypernutrition), orthomolecular medicine (aka vitamin therapy), chelation therapy, hyperthermia as well as many others either singly or in combination and I would encourage you to find out about and explore those options, but for me, the Seignalet diet must be the foundation.

There are several things I would like to point out about Dr. Jean Seignalet.

A product of the French system

He was a product of the French state system of meritocracy, where all posts in state administration, schools, universities and “les grandes ecoles” are awarded to winners of “concours” or competitive exam, invigilated and judged by peers. There are no “old boy” networks and there is “no question of your face having to fit” or being of the right class or political persuasion. Candidates are examined and judged by peers in their specialized subject solely on their competence. Once in post, such an employee of the state is virtually unremovable except for cases of gross misdemeanour. French university professsors (like Dr. Jean Seignalet) have, by law, to teach a certain number of hours. They are then free to pursue any fundamental or applied research in their subject which takes their fancy. This, as in the case of Jean Seignalet, might make them unpopular with outside interests or even their own faculty, but no­one can bring any pressure to bear on them to pursue a different line of research or change their conclusions. Of course in France, as elsewhere, there is still the problem of special interests seeking to influence research outcomes with various forms of bribery like research grants which come with overt or covert strings attached or other inducements. There is a cynical saying which goes: “For every Phd there is an equal and opposite Phd.”

A man of the utmost integrity and determination

If Doctor Jean Seignalet thought that he would be awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on how nutrition influences disease (he could be forgiven if he did think this), he would soon be disabused of such notions ­ for not one of the peer­review journals which had hitherto published over 200 of his scientific articles on immunology, genetics etc. would publish his ground breaking studies on the role of nutrition in the etiology of chronic diseases. (Draw your own conclusions about why his papers were refused – it was certainly not because of a lack of scientific merit or relevance).

The hospital authorities of his faculty sidelined and marginalised his work. Undeterred, with quiet determination, Dr. Seignalet set about recruiting patients with chronic diseases willing to undergo treatment with his dietary regime and he became their unpaid “médecin traitant” or GP, while still carrying out his other research, teaching and administrative duties. This he did for twenty years, treating 2,565 patients with 115 different diseases. All the papers which should have been published in scientific journals became a 700 page book, a scientific treatise, with hundred of his own illustrations, diagragms and quoted studies (his own and others) and tables setting out his results for each disease, broken down into what he considered to be the 3 main disease types. The book is now on its fifth edition (the last one published just after his death) and each one soon became a best seller in France, with patients using the book to follow the diet and put their disease into remission, with or without the help of their doctor. These patients told their friends and the book's success was due to this uderground of patients, who publicized and advertised the book by word of mouth.

A genius of biology at the molecular level showed why only a holistic approach truly works

So called “scientific medicine” aka orthodox medecine, took its inspiration chiefly from the work of two 19th century scientists, Koch in Germany and Pasteur in France. In the 1920s in America, scientific medicine swept aside and supplanted the many successful and popular holistic therapies of the 19th century such as nature cure aka naturopathy, natural hygiene (therapeutic fasting and food combining), eclectic medicine (which used a sophisticated system of native herbal remedies), osteopathy, homeopathy etc. With funding from the Rockefellers (who secretely have a controlling interest in all the drug companies), medical schools in the USA were reformed and recreated from the ground up. Faculty members became specialized researchers and a cult of specialisms was born. From then on, disease would be studied at the molecular level and treatment would consist of aiming to influence the disease at the same, molecular level, with the use of drugs. Only high tech solutions like drugs or radiation therapy which sought to effect the disease at this localized level would be promoted and permitted.

What is so interesting and ironic (and amusing, to me at least) is that Seignalet was a product of this system. A man at the very cutting edge of medical science, who had detailed knowledge and understanding of many medical specialities, especially immunology and genetics, he was able to make the connections between the molecular biology of all these specialisms and work out a plausible etiology for each chonic disease ­ something which no one else achieved, before or since. This was also a man who never lost sight of what his true vocation should be as a doctor: to alleviate the suffering of his patients and restore them to full health wherever possible. audience click here audience click here

Diseases successfully treated by Dr. Seignalet with the diet :